So here's the problem in London

The problem I see isn't the different points of view about the reasons for the civil unrest.  Debate is fair and good.  

The problem I see is how incredibly thick-headedly incapable of putting herself in the shoes of the interviewee the white, well-paid, and completely insulated BBC newswoman is behaving.

The BBC newswoman says, essentially, "Okay, you're saying you've been systematically mistreated for 20 years, subject to daily police harassment not endured by the more privileged population I move in, and sure, you're saying the cops blew a guy's face off, but that's no excuse for acting out." So what would be an excuse?

Her disrespect and just talking over him with the help of her sound producers echoes the police chief quote from the weekend, it's "regrettable" the cops took the life of the guy in the cab but "utterly unacceptable" that some windows get broken or buildings burned down in response.

If he could have managed to reverse those two words, calling things that can be rebuilt "regrettable" and things that cannot be undone "utterly unacceptable", it might go a long way towards evidencing some comprehension of sentiment on the street.