The Missing Wikipedians

Recent studies have shown how power within Wikipedia is consolidating and that attempts to broaden the scope of the encyclopaedia are often met with aggressive deletionism. Wikipedia is said to be ‘revolutionary’ because it is written by ‘ordinary people’ rather than ‘experts’, but whether experts or ordinary people, Wikipedia still reflects the perspective of a small, homogenous, geographically close community.

Africa's Forever Wars: Why the Continent's Conflicts Never End

There is a very simple reason why some of Africa's bloodiest, most brutal wars never seem to end: They are not really wars...

What we are seeing is the decline of the classic African liberation movement and the proliferation of something else -- something wilder, messier, more violent, and harder to wrap our heads around. If you'd like to call this war, fine. But what is spreading across Africa like a viral pandemic is actually just opportunistic, heavily armed banditry.