Fox News holding journalism hostage

Reagan: "Democrats In The Senate Have Decided To Hold Our National Security Hostage To A $137 Billion Tax Increase." In a statement on the FY 1988 budget bill.

Reagan: Without Constitutional Amendment, Future Generations' Chances Are "Held Hostage By Big Government's Addiction To Red-Ink Spending." At a 1982 reception for supporters of the balanced budget amendment.

Reagan: Democratic Leadership Is "Holding The People's Tax Reduction Hostage To Future Economic Events." In 1981 speech on the federal tax reduction legislation he proposed as part of his economic recovery program.

Bush To Pelosi: Veterans "Should Not Be Held Hostage To Budgetary Wrangling In Washington."From a January 2008 letter from Bush to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Obama: To get tax breaks for middle class, Democrats need to let Republican extend tax breaks for wealthy, because "you don't neogtiate with hostage takers, when there's  a risk the hostage gets harmed. Key thing is that this is a temporary compromise."

HANNITY: First of all, the president today was so bitter and so angry. You know, the hostage-takers comment, I mean it goes back to just before the election: Americans are -- you know, Republicans are the enemy, they can sit in the back. What did you make of that?

PERINO: I was disturbed. I thought, well, first of all, who writes these kind of things, and then who actually says them? He missed another opportunity that was presented to him to be able to be the leader of the country. [Fox News' Hannity, 12/7/10]