Beyond NUMB3RS - Santa Cruz's Minority Report style "pre-crime" computer

Efforts to systematically anticipate when and where crimes will occur are being tried out in several cities. The Chicago Police Department, for example, created a predictive analytics unit last year.

But Santa Cruz’s method is more sophisticated than most. Based on models for predicting aftershocks from earthquakes, it generates projections about which areas and windows of time are at highest risk for future crimes by analyzing and detecting patterns in years of past crime data. The projections are recalibrated daily, as new crimes occur and updated data is fed into the program.

Anatomy of a crushing - Pinboard

The experience of programming on so little sleep was like trying to cook a soufflé by dictating instructions over a phone to someone who had never been in a kitchen.

I enjoyed this thoroughly engaging description of how pinboard's Founder handled the onslaught of traffic sent his way by Yahoo's unfortunate blurt about canceling Delicious Bookmarks.